In this bonus episode, hear the full interview with Pashia Thomas.

In this episode, Dr. Korie and Ps Rich lift up a woman’s voice in the conversation about mobilizing the black church. There are both historical and current events that confirm their essential role. 

In this episode, Dr. Korie and Ps Rich discuss the complexities of the mediator role of black church leaders. It’s an important role that challenges leaders as they serve and mobilize the community. 

In episode 3, Pastor Rich and Dr. Korie focus on challenges that a younger generation of Black pastors face when trying to mobilize the church. They discuss their interview with Pastor Taelor Gray, who is a local pastor, hip hop artist and podcaster. To make progress in the community, leaders need to become more in touch with their community. Do we have ears to hear?

In episode 2, pastor Rich interviews Dr. Korie on her latest book, Smart Suits Tattered Boots, released February 1st. The Black Church is uniquely equipped to mobilize for racial justice, but what factors contribute or hinder their effectiveness? Join the journey today! 

In this first episode of season 2, Dr. Korie and Pastor Rich are back and share what they’ve been up to since last season. They’ve got exciting news to share as the Elusive Dream continues to build a beloved community.

In the final episode of The Elusive Dream Podcast, Dr. Korie and Pastor Rich reflect on the discussions and interviews of the previous episodes. What’s next for our growing podcast community? Where do we go from here to pursue the beloved community? Come join us at the altar.

In episode 7, Dr. Korie interviews Pastor Bryan Loritts on his experience leading a multiracial church as a person of color. Along with insight from Pastor Rich, they discuss the need for a strength to love in the midst of the struggle for justice. 

Show Notes:

  • Episode 6 Recap (2:43)
  • Leading a Multiracial Church as a Pastor of Color (6:01)
  • Woke White Christians (12:47)
  • Dr. King/”Strength to Love” (21:49)
  • Finding Hope (28:07)
  • How do You Take Care of Yourself? (32:43)

This bonus episode is the full-length interview from Dr. Korie Little Edwards and Rev. Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley. The Black Church has a historical and relevant perspective on matters of justice. Shaped from the crucible of racial segregation, what does the Black Church have to say about injustice?

In episode 6, Dr. Korie and Pastor Rich engage updated research from guest, Dr. Michael Emerson, author of the culture-shifting book Divided By Faith. Current data suggests that the racial divide has gotten worse, not better, in the last 20 years. What shall we call this divide?

Show Notes:

  • Episode 5 Recap (:52)
  • What’s going on with our white siblings? (3:26)
  • Why has it gotten worse? (10:11)
  • Is this new? (15:53)
  • Is there any hope? (27:30)

Recognizing that words have the power to create thoughts and form habits, Dr. Korie and Pastor Rich discuss the ongoing debate about the word “reconciliation”. Is it still useful in this work of justice and multiracial community? Listen with open ears to their guest, Rev. Curtiss Paul DeYoung, an author and community activist with a long history on this subject.

Show Notes

  • Episode 4 Recap (:40)
  • Language and why it’s important (3:30)
  • How the church got reconciliation wrong (21:36)
  • What is biblical reconciliation? (26:26)
  • Terms and vocabulary need clarification (31:09)
  • Practical Work of Biblical Justice (35:19)
  • Reparations or Reconciliation (42:15)
  • What do justice and reconciliation look like? (53:20)
  • What about forgiveness? (1:05:07)