The Dream is a Beloved Community

The Dream is a Beloved Community

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In this episode, Dr. Korie and Pastor Rich discuss the real dream of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the two obstacles getting in the way of truly living this out in America. Diversity has become the goal of secular and religious institutions, but is that the way to achieving the dream? Recapture your imagination for the beloved community of Dr. King and the faith that shaped his vision. 

(1:09) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

(4:31) What’s the significance of releasing on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day?

(7:43) Beloved Community/What led you to study/practice multiracial ministry? 

(18:55) How did Korie & Rich meet?

(23:53) The Awakening/Trayvon Martin

(25:43) Cheap Diversity

(29:32) Why is living out the Beloved Community so elusive?

(52:35) Diversity vs. Oneness/Beloved Community Definition